Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring has Sprung and the Pyrex hunt has begun!

The birds are singing and Spring has Sprung,
Off to find Pyrex, oooh I'm on the run,
It's hard to find these days that's for sure,
But for my fix, it's the only cure...

So I'm no a poet....definitely not a poet.  Lately I've been telling all my customers how hard it is to find those elusive Pyrex pieces!  Boy I'm not kidding!  All my little hidden spots are bone dry...gah!

So, I've had to expand a little and thankfully it was easy to find other vintage treasures I fell in love with. Here's a few.

 My new pink phone...I have a creme one too...tried to sell anxiety and decided to keep it! Lol
I love this Spice of Life set, I've now found all the pieces to match it!

 Are you kidding?  I am so becoming Betty Crocker just to wear this...

One of my customers loves cookie I picked this up for I'm addicted.

Oh you just passed out?  So did I when I snapped these my customers who want to sell their extra's. xo

Here's my collection (part of) today....I think now I have the entire set of Garland and Daisy and most of the Friendship.  Well, a couple more pieces...and then I'll need doubles of course.
Found this little jug at an antique sale..again tried to bring myself to list it but I just can't!  It'll be perfect for Ella's 4th birthday party, vintage Carnival theme.

 Ok, am I crazy or are these fricken ADORABLE! love.  Made in Japan tea set.
And an elusive Pyrex promo casserole..."Spices"  went to a good home with a friend. 


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Recently I was surfing the net for Pyrex...(imagine that!!!) and came across a pic of a vintage hutch dripping with delicious Pyrex treasures.  I drooled.

So, I decided my kitchen cupboards just weren't cuttin' the mustard anymore..I was on the hunt for Gramma's hutch.  And, within days, Craigslist provided me with one for $65 bucks! Woooo hooooo!

Here it is...a bit disassembled getting it ready to paint.  Love the curvy bits...who wouldn't?

Here's the lovely painted...


Within minutes of this pic being taken, it was bombarded with more Pyrex.  It loves it.

Just waiting for my pale green glass knobs to finish it off...just oh so lovely. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tips for Collecting

Recently I had a customer that asked me what she should collect.  I resisted saying 'GET IT ALL!" and thought for a moment.

If you are just starting out here is what I would recommend.
1.  Buy what you love.  You will never go wrong if you love it.
2.  Get the best quality you can, pieces in Excellent Condition with the proper lids will hold their value.
3.  Look for unique pieces that are hard to find.

Here are some examples:

These are the pride of my collection...even if you can score just 1 bowl, grab it!  1956-?

A very good friend told me something interesting about Friendship pattern (1971-?).  While they made pink and blue for 10 years, Friendship was only made for 4 or 5 years...this makes this pattern very sought after.

What everyone loves...Gooseberry made in 1957-?.  A great investment.

I would strongly recommend investing in a 2.5 Quart Oval Casserole (the large one, they are great for lasagna).  These are hard to find and you will use it all the time.  Here I have Organic Muffins stowed away, cover keeps them warm!

This is a 'Rare' piece.  It was a Promotional Chip and Dip set made in 1960.

 This is called "Moon Deco" and was made as a Promotional Casserole in 1971.

  This is a Delphite Server Dish made from 1960-1962 only.  Rare...grabbbbb it!

   Round Cinderella Casserole produced in 1955-60's.  Pink Flamingo

And the Fridge Set...highly recommend getting your paws on one of these. 1949-?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Organized Chaos..

It's crazy that this all started from 1 little bowl set I saw at a thrift store..

Here's the offender...Butterfly Gold 2 in Perfect Condition...I remember thinking to myself "Oh those are pretty..." little did I know....

This is today...and just a part of the stock I found a few weeks ago...ok, now where to put it all!

 Here are just a 'few" of my bowl sets on the counter, my husband had a small coronary when he saw this...these sets will all be coming up for sale on my Facebook Page shortly.

A peek at some other things I have....

 I have lovingly nick named these 2 Quart casseroles "Pudge" casseroles...they are some of my favorites. Recently I found a pink one (the one of top) that didn't look quite right, it was patterned unlike the other plain pink ones I had.  I researched it and found it was called "Speckle" for the pretty spots on it.  LOVE!

The "Holiday" one on the top right was faded from red to orange but it was still so pretty and really in good shape otherwise I had to grab it.  I knew I had a customer that would love it!

Oh my divided I love thee.  I've heard through the Pyrex grapevine that Pink is near impossible to find now...makes me want to hoard it more..yikes!

Monday, 28 January 2013

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Last summer, I conned my new friend Kerry into coming Garage Saling with me (i love that word keeps trying to correct the word "Saling" telling me it doesn't exist. It TOTALLY exists...Saling is like the best word ever...especially after the word Garage.)

Anyway, back to Kerry...she wasn't thrilled about it, being as she had NEVER been to one and mostly paid full price for everything.  She confided she once brought a $16 placemat from some expensive baby store for her son as she didn't know where else to buy them. 

Oh...was I on a mission to show her a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

So, off we went last summer, garage saling with an open mind and wallet.  Needless to the second Garage Sale we hit Kerry turns to me and exclaims 'THIS IS THRILLING!"  That was like catching fish in a bucket.

So, she has become my avid Garage Sale Friend...however, she still says she feels nauseous entering some Thrift Stores (note to self, bring Gravol for Kerry).

Recently we hit an Antique Sale and found some AMAZING things.  Here are some deets:

I cannot BELIEVE I scored this rare "Moon Deco" Pattern...for 8 BUCKS! 
I think this may have been the best deal I've ever found.

Griffiths Spice Rack...adore....

I found these 2 cute mugs and had to have them.

I was actually given this mug from a girl who I bought some things off of, love it and use it for my herbal tea all the time.  People are so nice. :) 
I snapped up this ADORABLE apron...was going to sell it on 
the Vintage Pink Sink but I just couldn't part with it.

My new Pyrex Bestie in Vernon snapped up this for me.  OMG!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I had 3 customers who wanted it but after feeling extreme anxiety..I just couldn't let it go.  Love love LOVE it.

 This was a Promotional Chip and Dip set, I grabbed the large bowl even though it's missing the small bowl and holder..who cares, it's GORGEOUS.  Look at the blue on the inside of the bowl...and it's not painted on, the glass is actually blue.  sigh...

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pyrex Jackpot

Last week my girlfriend from Winnipeg (the "Peg") was out to visit.  Usually, when "Plenny" (Jen) comes into town, some kinda trouble gets a brewin'. did.

We attacked, and won.  I found TONS of Pyrex, vintage glassware and other crazy stuff.  Most of which already sold!  Check out my pics below:

This crazy Gnome Cookie Jar...had no idea who would love it like I did...turns out a lot of people did!

 I seriously have a HOARDING issue...

I just LOVE Horizon pretty.

Is it a problem when the Thrift store employees know you by name? Pyrex Partner.  She loves getting in on the pictures.

 Friendship Pattern was only made for 4 years, I learned that from my awesome friends who deal in Pyrex, Peter and Rita.  It's quickly becoming one of my fav's.

 Here are some Organic Blueberry Muffins (no sugar!) I made..they taste better in my new Hearts Pyrex Casserole pretty.
 This little suitcase was in basically new condition, came with the bottles and brush set, adorable.
This was the first set I ever bought, and I still love to use it every day. :)